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Fiscal Talent Recruitment Inc. specializes in recruiting accountants and financial professionals to meet the specific staffing needs of your business.

Fiscal Talent is The Employment Agency
You Can Rely On

Finding the ideal candidate is challenging. Using our unique process, we ensure candidates are qualified, tested, and properly vetted. We think that the only way to assess the technical competency of a candidate is to have them evaluated by a team of professional accountants.

Our History

Fiscal Talent originated from an accounting firm dedicated to serving public companies, where the demand for staff with top-tier technical competency and aptitude is paramount. Since our inception, we’ve undertaken extensive hiring efforts, not only to fulfill diverse roles for our clients but also to build our internal team. Through this process, we have refined and mastered the art of recruitment.  Our approach has consistently demonstrated success in pinpointing candidates ideally suited for their roles, not only in terms of experience but also their compatibility with company culture and team dynamics. The linchpin of our achievements is undeniably our exceptional staff. Now, we are extending the opportunity to leverage our proven methods of success to benefit your business.


We employ a unique array of assessment tools to comprehensively evaluate candidates, gauging factors such as cognitive ability, personality type, work ethic, ambition, and other personal traits. These assessments allow us to provide valuable insights into the candidates’ potential performance in their roles and related work scenarios. As a part of our commitment to your business’s success, we offer a cost-effective AI recruitment option. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this option streamlines the hiring process, ensuring efficiency and precision in identifying candidates who align with your organization’s needs.


Fiscal Talent simplifies and streamlines the recruitment process for you. We ensure that your job posting accurately defines the role, preventing the recruitment of candidates who are either over or under qualified, both of which lead to employee turnover. Alongside our comprehensive assessment process, we integrate state-of-the-art AI recruitment solutions to optimize efficiency and accuracy in pinpointing candidates who seamlessly align with your organization’s needs. All of these unique benefits showcase our commitment to your satisfaction, allowing us to offer a 30-day guarantee that your new hire will stay with your organization, or we will promptly find a suitable replacement. 

Our formula allows for us to guarantee the candidate will be with you for 30 days, or we’ll help you find another candidate for free.

Recruitment Services

In addition to permanent placement of accounting staff, Fiscal Talent Recruitment Inc. currently offers a range of services to ensure your accounting work gets done. No matter what your current staffing situation is, your business must stay operational and keep up with your corporate objectives.


We staff for a number of full-time accounting roles: CFO, VP of Finance, accounting manager, controller, financial analyst, payroll administrators, senior accountant, and staff accountant. If you have another specialty finance role, please ask us how we can help.

Leave of Absence

Maternity leave is one of the most common forms of a leave of absence. It can be difficult to staff for a leave when you don’t see foreseeable growth in the accounting function. We can ensure you have a competent replacement until your staff member returns.


Has your business outgrown your non-designated bookkeeper and you just want to supplement their skills with a senior person to report to? We can help staff part-time controllership work and other rolls to round out your skills and staffing shortages.

Project Work

Preparing for an audit? A merger? Onboarding a merger? Getting ready for a financing? Just need to get caught up? Whatever your needs are, we’ll have an experienced team member help with it, and can place them with you quickly.

Part-time CFO

Not ready for full-time, senior financial leadership on your team but need to take a step to get there? Sit down with someone from Fiscal Talent to see how we might be able to help provide guidance. It is rare to see a team have risk management, financing, and mergers & acquisition experience. It’s a great way to bridge the gap before bringing on someone with a salary north of $150,000.

RPO / Contract Recruitment

Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows you access to a skilled group of experienced recruiters, specialized sourcing, candidate management, tools & technology, to ensure an effective recruitment process. Tap into a bigger pool of quality candidates for niche and in-demand skills. RPO is the most cost-effective way to do recruitment and ensure that you hire & retain the best talent.