About fiscal talent

We provide reliable recruiting services for companies of any size.

Specializes in accounting and finance placements, Fiscal Talent has continued to define the art of recruiting. Using our trusted system for testing candidates in unique and demanding roles, we are able to guarantee our hires for 180 days. We understand that the process of finding a job or a new employee can be very difficult both morally and in terms of time spent. The cost of an error in this area is the weeks or even months of your life and the thousands of dollars for an employer.

We believe that for each employee there is an ideal workplace, and for each company there is an employee with extensive experience and respect for the values of the company. Finding the ideal candidate is challenging. Using our unique process, we ensure candidates are qualified, tested, and properly vetted. We think the only way to assess the technical competency of a candidate is by using a professional team of accountants working and assessing candidates. Using our proven process, Fiscal Talent has incredible success and record low turnover.

About Us

Our recruitment process is unique to the accounting and finance world. We are proud of our results and the established partnership with employers. We start with a staffing and company needs assessment. A formulated plan is then set into motion for the next 90 days. From this we begin the selection process. Candidates that are selected are tested with a project that we provide. Once Candidates have been shortlisted, we present them to you and have a fully vetted background check performed. Successful hires also receive a 90 day coaching plan to assist in the onboarding process. Our guarantee is industry leading.